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  • A Who’s Who on Mastodon

    One educator that you need to be following on social media is Miguel Guhlin. He has huge involvement with the TCEA. Director of Professional Development for, an education non-profit based in Texas that spans the globe. I serve as an edu/edtech blogger, online course developer/coordinator, and workshop facilitator. From his Mastodon profile I’ve followed… Continue reading

  • An app for that

    Everywhere you turn these days, there seems to be an application to handle just about anything for you. How about one to help you get fit? That’s where GymGenie wants to fit into the scheme of things. With a free and a paid option, now Artificial Intelligence can help you get fit. There’s even an… Continue reading

  • Complaint Tuesday

    This seems to be becoming a regular thing about here. Something on Twitter gets my goat. The past few weeks it was the drop of support for features that I’ve used to keep connected around here. Today, it’s about spam, scammers, bots, who knows. Normally, I just use the regular web interface on Twitter as… Continue reading

  • Cloth

    Nobody would ever confuse me for an artist. Or even having artistic tendencies. Well, maybe just a bit in my mind. Read on. I do enjoy taking pictures and I try to do my best with that. Some of the best ones get shared here or on Instagram/Facebook. I’ve always believed that it forces me… Continue reading

  • My Week Ending 2023-06-04

    The heat seems to have broken here. You can breathe again. Here’s some of what happened in my online world this past week. Readings  You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Below are a selected few, with commentary, from the past week. They’re posted to the blog daily under the title OTR Links.… Continue reading