Microsoft at #ECOO13

One of the real benefits of the partnership between ECOO and OASBO ICT at the recent #ECOO13 conference was the opportunities for exhibitors that normally visit one conference to have access to both groups.  And, to the attendees, they could visit exhibitors that they would not normally see.  One of these exhibitors for the traditionalContinue reading “Microsoft at #ECOO13”

My #ECOO13 Session

One of the joys of presenting at a conference is being able to share your thoughts about something that you are passionate about.  For me, it’s about ongoing personal professional learning.  I believe that it is essential if you are to grow and mature as a educator.  I also believe that it’s never over. InContinue reading “My #ECOO13 Session”

Day 3 at BringITTogether #ECOO13

Day 3 of any three day conference is always interesting. People throw all their energies into the first two days and come dragging themselves into the event centre for the third day.  Day 3 at #ECOO13 was no different.  Thursday was non-stop activity.  People going here and there; the banquet, followed by the Photowalk andContinue reading “Day 3 at BringITTogether #ECOO13”

Keynote at #ECOO13

Just a quick post so that I don’t lose track of this image. @pbeens was off to the side and took this fantastic photo showing Amber MacArthur and the audience during her 2013 keynote address at #ECOO13.

Day 2 at BringITTogether #ECOO13

Day 2 of the BringITTogether conference started on a “uh oh” moment.  On Twitter, Kevin Honeycutt, who will deliver the closing keynote announced that his flight from Stockholm to New York was delayed.  Will this mean yet another Plan B for the Committee? If you ever get a chance to work or help out atContinue reading “Day 2 at BringITTogether #ECOO13”