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March 9, 2023

  • Traditionally

    No, I didn’t miss posting this by a day. It was a rant that I was sitting on and thought that I’d share it on International Women’s Day. I quickly rethought it and deliberately am posting it on the day afterwards. I am proud of all the women in my life who have done amazing… Continue reading

  • OTR Links 03/09/2023 RT @ssunderaswara: My Grade 4 and 5 students @SilverCreekPS collect “smilies” for their (positive) participation in class! 25 Smilies = A Reward Reward options vary from ‘Be a Teacher for 1 period’ to ‘Free Device Time’ to the most popular one: This… tags: IFTTT Twitter The Best of Ontario Educators 7 Daily The Best… Continue reading