Smile for the camera

Last week, we had to do a car exchange and so we found that the parking lot at the library in Essex would be a convenient spot. It’s right beside the OPP station and the parking lot does have an internet purchase area which I think is the greatest idea ever.

As a result, there’s a sign there that lets you know that there is a camera looking at you. Ever the paranoid, I looked around to see where it was and if it was looking at me. I also checked to make sure that I was parked between the lines in the lot.

We see cameras everywhere these days. It seems to always be the starting point for police investigations in police shows on television.

There are a number of resources on the web that let you tap into video cameras elsewhere just to see what’s going on or if you’re going somewhere, what’s the traffic like?

One of my favourite places to go and look for cameras is in my weather application, Windy. For me, it’s got just an incredible collection of things dealing with weather, including cameras. I know that it isn’t popular with everyone because there is so much information there that it may appear noisy. But, if you give it a chance, you’ll realize that it is so rich with content.

Including cameras, and here’s a quick screen capture of Southern Ontario.

As you would expect, zoom in and more cameras will pop up on the screen. Zoom out and they go away.

What I find particularly useful with this resource is the collection of cameras from all over the world. Given what happened in Turkey and Niagara Falls yesterday, I took a look around here. The more you know, the more you know.

Not surprisingly, not all countries provide access to the cameras although you’ve got to believe that they’re there.

Are you a fan of the webcam?

Do you have a favourite camera that you like to check in on – like you’re commuting into the GTA and want to see what is happening?

Do you have a favourite web cam site that you like to visit that you could share?

OTR Links 02/07/2023

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