My Week Ending 2023-02-05

It was an interesting blogging week. I enjoy it when my thinking takes me to new places. Plus, I got an interview. What’s not to like?


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  • This was sad news to read about Hazel McCallion
  • If you’re a moon-watcher, this is your year. Apparently, we’re going to see 4 supermoons and 1 blue moon


  • If you’re not afraid to use Baidu, it’s got an AI bot now
  • Yes, search engines are feeling the pain of ChatGPT but hopefully those of us in search of something will be winners


  • This is good news for Chatham-Kent with new battery plants there
  • The Windsor Star will be printed elsewhere. I hate to see jobs leave the community


  • Just as it was perceived that the price freeze was seen as a good thing at Loblaws, thawing it has at least or more news value
  • Supposedly, ChatGPT makes everything easier, so why not fraud indeed?


  • This was rather disturbing news about CBC producer Michael Finlay
  • The Pentagon is tracking that Chinese spy balloon – more to follow, I’m sure


  • I don’t blame them for looking into this – 28 years of boiling water? Wow.
  • If you have Windows and an Android like me, this could be helpful if you need to transfer photos


  • It took most of the week but the US shot down that Chinese balloon
  • Finally! Faxes are getting an even worse name

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Technology Troubleshooting

I felt a bit out of sorts yesterday.

If you read daily, you know that I reformatted my old laptop and put Chrome OS Flex on it. Almost immediately, it reported that an upgrade was ready.

What happened next was ugly.

It apparently did the upgrade and then rebooted like it should. I panicked and tried everything I could. No luck.

In a last chance, I decided to see if I could re-install Chrome OS Flex. It worked.

I’ve got to dig deeper but does this mean that Google does something that makes the computer unusable or unupgradeable?

Video of the Week

If this doesn’t restore your faith in kids, …

Photo of the Week

We swung by the Feed Store in Harrow and they had these treats on sale so guess who got treated?

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Whatever happened to …

… long underwear?

Technically, it’s about my long underwear but I like to think it made for an interesting topic for a Sunday morning.

We had quite the cool snap on Friday. It was the perfect time to be in Essex County, for sure. Check out this snapshot from Twitter from ECCC Weather Ontario.

It was a time to stay indoors – unless you have a dog who I swear is part Husky. He was ready to go again at 7:00am as per usual. I checked the thermometer and it was -21 and the wind was really blowing. This wasn’t going to be pleasant.

My wife yelled from the rec room.

“Wear your long underwear!”

That sounded like good advice.

Now, I’m your stereotypical husband.

“Where is it?” I yelled back.

“It’s in the same place that it always is. Remember when we used to go cross-country skiing at university?”

How was I supposed to remember that?

“Where’s that?”

“In the right side of the cupboard by the bed.”

Son of a gun, she was right. How does she remember that? That was a loooong time ago and we’ve moved five or six time since then. (I’ll be honest; I really should have remembered but here in Essex County, you really don’t need to wear long underwear. Out of sight, out of mind.)

But, there is was. Just like she told me. I remember now. It was bright blue and she had her own at the time as we skied together.

That helped me through the walk and I’ll confess that I wore mittens instead of gloves and I had my hood up. I was definitely less cold but a long way from warm.

As it would happen, we had lunch with some good friends later and the talk included a discussion of the weather. They were a bit late since they had to let their cat outside before leaving.

I also got reminded that she was an elementary school teacher and I was secondary.

“You’ve never known the joy of supervising an outdoor recess in this type of weather.”

I was going to say “You’ve never know the job of confiscating a bottle of alcohol from a locker” but that would just be starting a spitting match.

For a Sunday, your thoughts…

  • do you own long underwear?
  • do you have his and hers long underwear?
  • do you know where it is or to you have a significant other to do the remembering for you?
  • do you have the same furniture that you had when you went to university?
  • do cats really go outside? I always thought of those indoor pets having their own litter box
  • do you draw the line when it comes to walking your pet? What’s the temperature?
  • does your school draw the line when it comes to outdoor recess in this weather? What’s the temperature?
  • do you wear long underwear when you’re out supervising an outdoor recess in weather like this?
  • do you elementary school teachers like to rub recess supervision in secondary school teachers’ faces?
  • is underwear singular or plural? I did my research and a bunch of editing to make it singular but it doesn’t seem right somehow

It’s a far warmer Sunday than it was on Friday. That was brutal.

How about sharing your thoughts in the comments below?

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