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Don’t get fooled

It’s hard to get into serious news reading with all the ChatGPT stories in my newsfeed every morning. I keep thinking I need to filter it out but it’s somewhat interesting with all the different takes on it. I mainly will click through and read something that looks like it’s advise for education and there’s no shortage of that, for sure. Heck, I even wrote a post of my own here. I was just speculating and giving my two cents.

This morning though, this one really caught my eye.

Don’t Get Fooled Into Paying $7.99 a Week for ChatGPT (Which Is Free)

I guess when there’s an opportunity, there are people ready to go for it.

Now, my first thought when reading the article was that it was on the Apple system and I had to smile because most things there cost money. Sometimes, a lot of money. Cheapskate me did bring my open-source mentality to my MacBook Pro and so I don’t have many paid apps installed there although I’m sure that I paid for the Apple ones with the price of the computer.

Now, lest I come across as too smug, I did take a peak into the Windows Store and found that this platform isn’t immune to opportunities to spend money.

As my friend Bill would say, there are Ferengi opportunities everywhere. Jumping ahead of the game for an application to interface to a free resource that is still in Beta? The people behind this did a nice job of promoting it in the link. It looks just like any other application in the store.

Apparently, there are lots to pick your way through.

In the cloud of excitement surrounding ChatGPT, some shifty actors have sought to cash in. An avalanche of unverified mobile apps claiming to be ChatGPT have popped up in both the App Store and Play Store, but none are actually associated with OpenAI.

I wonder – does ChatGPT have an open API that makes these happen and let you jump the queue? I’ll be honest; until I read this story, I hadn’t even considered that concept.

It would be interesting to see screenshots or a movie or two of these things in action.

In the meantime, apparently, OpenAI is working on its own app for iOS.

It does beg the question – if ChatGPT does such a good job of doing things, including writing software, why doesn’t it just write its own iOS app?

In the meantime, a wide-open question – would an application that runs on your phone or tablet outside of a browser be something that you would want? Would you pay money for it?


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