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What city are we in?

I’m playing this game while doing a few other things. I eventually found it so engaging that I dropped doing the other things!

It’s a simple concept and yet nowhere near as simple to solve once I started playing with it.

Choose the country where you want to play and adjust the level of difficulty to get going. I’d recommend going with a simple one and then getting progressively harder as your ego comes to play.

For the most part, I played Canada but did end up going to other places. (with considerably less success)

When you play the game, you’re dropped at ground level and you start walking.

It’s here where you need to keep your eyes open, looking left and right, up and down, for clues about where you are virtually. When you’re confident, make your guess by clicking a location on a map.

That sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? Give City Guesser a shot and see how you do.

Truth in Blogging

It’s Sunday night and I’m just proofreading this post before I let it go off to be scheduled for 5am tomorrow morning. I played the game again and I could have sworn that I had seen the neighbourhood displayed before.

And I had.

I had written a blog post about City Guesser before! It’s here:

It was a great game then and it remains a great game today. If I wasn’t settling in for some Sunday Night Football, I might be inspired to write another post. But, I’ll let it stand.

It’s still a great game and maybe some of today’s readers will find it new.


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