The future is here

and it’s growing by at least five applications a day.

There was a time when things were created/modified/shared/ improved manually.

One of my favourite workshops of all time was taking attendees through the process of converting black and white pictures into colour. The whole concept of colourization was big as big-time media restored old movies and pictures so why not us?

The workshop would start with this picture of my grandmother and grandfather. You can tell by the frame that this has been around for a while. We were actually even afraid to take it out, lest we damage it.

For workshop purposes, the flatbed scanner worked nicely.

As with all my after-school workshops, the process took about two hours.

We’d all line up to scan our images and save them to a networked space. People would go back to their workstations, load the image into Ministry of Education-licensed Photoshop Elements and off we went.

The result …

After a fun two hours of cropping, trying this and that, and getting neighbours opinions of what colours or shades look best, we’d all leave with a masterpiece and a great deal of nostalgia.

I’ll admit that the learning process for me was considerable when I thought that this might be of interest with teachers (and apparently it was) as I spent all kinds of time working with the various tools and experimenting.

We all know now that all that effort is now available in an application.

Every now and again once will pop up in my reading and I’ll check it out.

I feel like I hit the goldmine with this one website though. It’s called “Futurepedia“.

It’s my personal rabbit hole for a Sunday morning as I write this.

There are so many solutions here for things to do that I didn’t know needed to be done. For me, it’s definitely one to bookmark so that I don’t lose it. I just made need an AI app for a specific purpose some day.


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