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This Week in Ontario Edublogs

Regular listeners to the voicEd Radio This Week in Ontario Edublogs show will know that it didn’t air at its regular time on Wednesday morning. It’s been pretty regular at that spot for the past 5-6 years. It’s not that it wasn’t ready to go; sometimes things happen.

The show itself has been postponed and not just ignored. The reason? We had a special guest who also programmed the show so it will happen when we can do it. Don’t worry; there will be announcements on social media. Actually, kind of a special announcement and it involves trains.

The format of this Friday blog post for the past years has been pretty consistent. The five blog posts that make the voicEd Radio show come first and that’s followed by two or three bonus posts.

This week, I’m just going to keep you wondering about the first five and go straight to the bonus posts.

Where Does the Buck Stop on Mandates??

In this very well-researched piece, Marie looks at a lot of things about masking and who does what or who could do what or who would do it if they hadn’t been told not to or … I guess the bottom line is that we haven’t got our stuff together.

You’d think that we would have learned from our horrible experiences over the past years about Covid. (Thanks to Marie’s earlier missive; I spell it this way now and I like it)

I’m scratching my head over the comment that school districts can’t mandate masks. They mandate everything else. For example, just try to go to school in anything that contravenes the school dress code and see what happens.

Try packing peanuts or having a peanut butter sandwich – yeah, but some people are allergic to peanuts. We need to protect them! End of discussion.

OK, I gave up peanut butter because of my concern for others. How is that more important and something that can be legislated and something as simple as wearing a mask out of concern for those allergic to peanuts and the kids sitting next to them?

There’s just too much finger pointing and so just where does the buck stop.

You don’t have to look hard at all to find a story about Covid. This just in….

Another large COVID-19 outbreak at Wallaceburg long term care home

That’s not peanut butter, folks. And, just who has been visiting those infirm? Any kids?

I Blame Social Media For All

The hook for me was this quote from Matthew.

I’m a teacher, so naturally, I have to blame something or someone other than myself.

He then walks us through some personal observations of the decline in student skills and the incline in the use and popularity of social media. It’s not based on the result of real research but on his observations and you get a sense of his frustrations as the post develops.

As I do before I comment publically like I am here, I read the post three or four times and get an increased appreciation for his frustration. He hits them all. Well, except for TruthSocial and I don’t see him apologizing for that anytime soon.

Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

We used to say that “once the kids are in the room and the door is close, I’m in charge”. That’s one of the cutesy sayings that really isn’t true when you have an administration that may not support you or you’re even leary enough to duplicate a story because the kids might not be able to follow along.

I would think this is a challenge to all administrators and board officials who are setting priorities and direction. Is what you’re mandating really working?

I do have a question for Matthew though – with so many of us getting Mastodon accounts, are things going to get worse or better?

Things are about to get nipplely

So, Doug made up a word. That was enough to get me to read this post.

It’s a short little piece written at the expense of renaissance artists. What, indeed, if current technology was able to look behind a painting or a layer of paint on a painting?

It’s happened before.

Artwork hidden under Picasso painting revealed by x-ray

Is the next big bit of investigative reporting going to be how the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle came to be named Donatello?

Hmmm, that didn’t take as long as my regular Friday posts do!

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