American Thanksgiving

My best wishes to my friends north and south of the border on this special day for them. Of course, we know that Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in Canada during October.

There was a time when I thought that was it and it was a universal holiday like New Year’s Day. It was when I moved here and our proximity to the United States border that I realized that there was an entirely different take on Thanksgiving. I was really thrown during my first year of teaching and it didn’t get much better after that.

First of all, it’s important to realize that there’s a huge parade in downtown Detroit. America’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It runs in the morning which brings up the discussion – “Sir, can we watch the parade?” Then, there’s football. The Detroit Lions always play at home on Thanksgiving Day. This year will be a biggy with the Buffalo Bills in town. “Sir, can we watch the football game?” It didn’t help that my room backed onto the work area and was a collecting place to watch the game by teachers on prep.

As if that wasn’t enough, I was also introduced to the concept of Black Friday where prices drop all over the place across the border. Rumour had it that, if you were going to call in sick on that day, you needed to bring in a doctor’s note or a death certificate or something on Monday. I didn’t earn a lot of friends when I spoke out indicating that we always buy Canadian and would rather go to a mall here than fight the traffic and crowds over there. How big are the crowds? It always makes the news for some reason.

Of course, we know that the concept of Black Friday has now landed here and actually seems to go for the weekend or the next week.

For my friends who will be celebrating, enjoy. I already had my turkey and family gathering and it was awesome.

And, to recognize the day, a special song from Carrie Underwood. Please, also, when you’re enjoying with family, make a donation to a local food bank. It’s not a special day for everyone.

And what would Thanksgiving be without this classic? Best comedy moment ever.


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