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Just like starting over

A couple of songs appropriately describe my current feelings about opening my Mastodon account.

Probably a better way to explain it would be there are different things on. I checked out the #Education hashtag which would best describe my interests and found little there to interest me and certainly nothing about Ontario Education. That’s not the worst of things; we could always change that if we get the right people there.

My Twitter account has been around since 2007 and I’ve followed some of the greatest educators in the world – Ontario Educators – but not in my timeline. They’re all stored in 10 Twitter lists. It’s where I head on Thursdays to create #FollowFriday posts. Twitter has always been my serious side and is where I go to learn about education and monitor trends.

My other big social media account would be on Facebook where I follow educators but also interesting people and, while I do look for the good educational stuff, I’m also looking for some entertainment. Facebook certainly provides that. Just yesterday, I read a very impassioned post from a friend of mine who indicated on Facebook that he was shutting down his Twitter account. I often wonder about that. Does that make your userid available to someone who wants to claim it and perhaps impersonate you? My inclination would be to go to Twitter and download all my content (it takes a while so be prepared) and then delete my content and leave one message with a forwarding address. That way, it’s still there and not available for anyone else to snag.

The real dilemma for me is moving what I’ve spent so much time cultivating to somewhere else and not losing value. I can’t help but think that this is absolutely impossible. So, maybe it’s time to do another bit of thinking about any potential move.

John Lennon said it …

Right now, on Mastodon, I feel like it’s 2007 all over again. I know that the magic can happen but it doesn’t magically happen. It comes as a result of hard work and effort. How can I make that happen for me? I need a vision; at present, I don’t have a realistic one.

I’d be interested in your thoughts about potential moves. What are your plans?


4 responses to “Just like starting over”

  1. Doug, I wish I could say that I have a plan, but I’m really undecided. Maybe I’m in denial that Twitter could cease to be what it is — and has been — for me. Your posts are helpful. Maybe I need to investigate Mastodon more for myself. I really want to read about what others are doing and why.



  2. I have a Mastodon account but I am not ready to put a lot of time in it. It’s too hard to find people for one thing.
    For the time being I am staying with Twitter. I think I can outlast Musk if Twitter can.


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