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Blowing in the wind

Yesterday, I drove to Port Stanley to have lunch and a great discussion with my voicEd Radio boss, Stephen Hurley. It was cold but we really can’t complain because it’s been such a warm fall so far.

I don’t take the 401 unless I absolutely have to and I didn’t so I took my time to drive on Highway 3. There is just something so relaxing as watching Lake Erie as it’s never the same twice.

There was a great deal of wind which makes for interesting waves and effects on the beach.

After lunch, I retraced my steps but I had some extra time and so stopped at Port Glasgow just to see the Lake and relax for a bit. As I’m wont to do, I took some pictures.

Here are a couple of images.

So, here’s the deal.

One of those is a real picture taken by my Samsung Smartphone. The other is computer-generated by artificial intelligence.

I used the website DeepAI and specifically this URL I asked it to generate an image using this description “The wind is blowing strongly on Lake Erie with a sandy beach in the foreground”.

Which one is real and which one is computer generated?

This is a wonderful site to play around with to generate an image where you might not have an actual picture for.

Give it a shot; I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


3 responses to “Blowing in the wind”

  1. I’m going the bottom one is real and the top is computer generated. Am I right? This was a hard guess. Amazing quality!



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