It’s My Life

Last night, my wife and I were driving home listening to the radio. When I’m in charge of the channel, it’s always E Street Radio on SiriusXM. We’d had a nice night out with our daughter for supper and were just sitting there listening. Soon, I found myself singing. I’m told that’s not a pretty event. Oh well.

About halfway through the song, I stopped and thought – this isn’t a Springsteen song – he’s covering it. I’ll be darned if I could remember who sang it though. I asked my wife and she was no help either.

“Remind me to look it up when we get home”.

At home, there were a number of things that had to be done and it was well into watching Sunday Night Football when I remembered that I wanted to see who had originally done it. Darned if I could remember the name of the song so I asked her. She had forgotten too.

I knew that I had to get the answer because it’s little things like this that keep me awake at night.

Lately, the radio on my computer has two tabs open – Cool Radio from Windsor and Cool Radio from Wingham. I’ll switch from tab to tab if a song comes on that I don’t like. Anyway, one of the things that they do have on both sites is a Recently Played window. In a digital era, that makes so much sense. At the moment, you can see who performs the song if you don’t know and also you can check the history.

I’ll bet that SiriusXM does the same thing. Well, if they do, I couldn’t find it.

In desperation, I did a Duck search for “+SiriusXM playlist recent songs”. I’ll be darned if the first hit didn’t strike gold.


Recently played songs on XM Sirius radio

and particularly, Channel 20.

E Street Radio

Concert recordings and more from Bruce Springsteen 24/7.

and, as a bonus, all the songs are included as a Spotify playlist. I had an idea of when the song was played and so went scrolling. I thought that it might be a challenge but it was so simple. It was the only song that I didn’t recognize as something originally recorded by Bruce.


The song? Well, you know it already if you read the title of the post. As soon as I saw the title written, I immediately knew who performed it. It was so frequently played on popular radio years ago.

It’s My Life – by The Animals

Of course, once you know the song, it’s a snap to find it on YouTube.

and there was a duet with Jon Bon Jovi as well.

Now comes the connection to blogging. Now that it’s written down, I’ll never forget it. Or, at least I know where to go should I do.

Oh, and it’s a great song to play while you’re actually blogging.


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