YouTube Shorts

In the news this morning was an article/warning that YouTube Shorts were about to be released in Canada.

Hey, I’m in Canada and our television seems to meet the requirements; it has the YouTube application installed. So, I decided to give it a try to see what it was all about.

Our television would seem to qualify; it’s smart and the YouTube application is installed. I’ll confess – other than trying it out when we first got the television, I have been back. To me, anything YouTube is better played on my laptop screen.

I was surprised, maybe unexpectedly, when I noticed that there were a couple of accounts active when I launched the YouTube application. My first thought was that it was a little creepy – the accounts were created by my kids to narrow down what they wanted to see.

I felt so out of touch when I logged in as a “guest” because I’ve never actually created my own YouTube account on the television set.

To be honest, and to date me I guess, the concept of watching YouTube videos on television never seemed like something that I ever wanted to do. I do my share of YouTube watching but it’s typically on my laptop.

It’s not that watching a video on a bigger screen isn’t attractive; it’s just the hassle of accessing it and then using a remote control rather than a keyboard to find what I wanted. It’s just another reminder about how taking Grade 9 Typing changed my life.

I’ll confess to not spending much time looking; I could find it immediately and couldn’t see digging much deeper for that type of content. It just wasn’t all that compelling to me.

Or maybe it’s just not available on my television yet.

Convince me that my decision is wrong. It won’t be the first time that I’ve seen a new concept that just doesn’t inspire me to dig deeply and troubleshoot. And I’m big enough of a person to change my mind if you give me a good rationale as to why I should.


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