I don’t rightly care much

I wish that I could lay claim to that phrase but I can’t. It comes from a friend of mine who grew up in the southern United States. I’ve heard him use it on many occasions and those of us who know him know that it’s time to change the subject when that comes out of his mouth. (Usually, he speaks for the entire group)

With all the hype about changing our clocks last night, I could absolutely hear him saying that.

This is an interesting read on the topic. Yeah, the implementation was Canadian.

I don’t weigh in on the discussion; I figure it’s just one more thing that the government controls over me. It does make for better dog-walking pictures though as we get to enjoy it on the horizon instead of dodging cars in the dark on the road.

If you read the article, you’ll know that there are agricultural reasons for doing that. I can tell you it’s true. When you date the farmer’s daughter, you don’t dare show up until the chores are done so keeping track of time is important. Or, you walk into the house and the clocks have all been changed a week in advance of the official clock change so that it doesn’t get overlooked. It reminded me of the importance of wearing my own watch and having control of my life.

I do remember learning about time, time zones, changing clocks, and areas that didn’t change clocks in school. The last always seemed to make so much more sense; I should be in control of when I do something; not the government.

Speaking of government, I thought of a way to get rid of the time changes yesterday – all that you’d have to do is tell our current government that the “union bosses” like the concept and they’d pass a bill tomorrow banning it.

Back to the farmer’s daughter, we had a time change moment the other day while out for a drive. In our minds, we started at one end of the house and went room-by-room identifying where we had clocks and whether they’d need some intervention on our (my) part to make things right.

Changing clocks wasn’t high on my agenda but I don’t have total control of my agenda. I’d like to say that I don’t rightly care much but I will tell you that nature called at 1:53 this morning. Rather than returning to sleep, I’ll confess to watching my phone adjust itself at 2:00. It’s a good little rule follower.

So, maybe I care just a little bit.


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