My Week Ending 2022-11-06

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.


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  • If you have an old camera, why not turn it into a security camera?
  • This is something that none of us want to hear – gas prices rising in Ontario


  • This was so scary when you see football players at Michigan get into a fight when they leave after a game but Michigan’s big stadium makes it so that it will happen
  • I am a fan of the old Addam’s Family and still watch reruns when I can. Some info


  • Really? Our Gordon House is haunted? I can’t begin to tell you the number of times that Jaimie paid tribute to this building. Paybacks are coming?
  • I don’t much care about the blue ticks that Twitter uses for verified accounts. It seems to me that you’re pretty much not literate if you need to look for blue ticks


  • I have a better strategy than warning people not to click on ads; run an ad blocker and don’t see them in the first place
  • I love brain teasers and this was a nice collection of five


  • Here’s an idea about how to get Gmail to track your packages – now Google knows that you didn’t buy from them
  • You can never have too many stress-handling strategies. Once just doesn’t work. Here are five more


  • Here’s a prediction of what Winter might look like in Canada – I guess it’s going to come after all
  • There’s a whole lot of Musk stories this week as he reimagines Twitter


  • Maybe if the world is coming to an end on Twitter, this will be helpful in finding friends who have moved to Mastodon
  • A little bit of local bragging here – Elise Harding-Davis is now a member of the Order of Ontario. It’s a recognition that is so worthy

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Technology Troubleshooting

We had a lovely discussion last night when my wife and I were out and about.

It was about what happened at 2:00 am this morning.

This is what you do when you are married as long as we have been. You look for topics of discussion.

We started in the rec room, worked our way through the house, and out to the driveway identifying the clocks that will have to be adjusted. From my workspace, I can see 11 that will have to change. Then, it became a matter of which ones will adjust themselves and which ones will require human interaction.

I’ve already run into one circumstance. I wrote my “Whatever happened to” post and scheduled it as normal but WordPress was good enough to tell me that it was not business as usual and gave an updated time.

Hope it works. Things that you look for at 5 in the morning…

Video of the Week

If education workers took a position on this, the government would take the opposite position and write a law. Maybe that’s how we get rid of it. And, it’s Saving Time, not the other that you hear so often.

Photo of the Week

It’s going to happen. This is from our downtown. Our lovely fountain is turned off and replaced by lights that will sparkle and you can see the big snowman in the background. We’re getting ready.

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Whatever happened to …

… caramel apples?

Another Hallowe’en has come and gone. We get no visitors where we live so we did create a bag of goodies for the little girl around the corner who waves at Jaimie and me and brightens our morning walks.

We dropped it off and then headed off to Kingsville to walk around with kids in a busy subdivision. Busy, it was. This was a lot of fun. When we got back home after wearing out the kids, we dumped their bags to see what kind of goodies they got.

Secretly, I was hoping to find a caramel apple. Just like the ones my mom used to make.

Now, we’re not talking candy apples. You see them typically at fairs and they’re a bright red coating wrapped on an apple inside a plastic wrap. I’m not a real fan of them.

But, I love caramel. You used to be able to buy kits, melt the caramel over slow heat on the stove and then dip apples into it. In my childhood, they were Macintosh apples. In the fall, those apples were everywhere. They ended up having a double-sweet taste. To be honest, if I was making one now, I’d use a Granny Smith apple to get that influx of sour taste mixed with caramel. That would be awesome.

Photo by Henry Becerra on Unsplash

Caramel apples were rare but you’d find them periodically in my childhood walks through the neighbourhood on Hallowe’ens. This was at a time when everyone was afraid of razor blades stuck inside apples. It would be tough to get away with in a small town but people that put the time and effort into making them would include their name and telephone number inside the wrapping to let you know that it was legitimate.

Sadly, there were no caramel apples to be found this year. Quite frankly, all that was there and there certainly was a lot were commercially wrapped small chocolate treats. Imagine all the paper waste that was created for all those treats that are barely half a mouthful when you check them out.

Maybe next year…

For a Sunday, your thoughts, please.

  • Have you ever had a caramel apple?
  • Your preference? Candy apple or caramel apple?
  • Do you have any leads on where to find a caramel apple kit?
  • Your preference of apple? Macintosh or Granny Smith? Or perhaps another type?
  • If you took kids trick or treating, do you check their collection when you return? Did any go missing during your inspection?
  • Was there ever a documented case of a razor blade in an apple or is this just an urban myth?
  • How many kids did you have visit your place this past Hallowe’en?

As I do every Sunday, I encourage you to share your thoughts in the comments below. I enjoy reading them.

This is a regular Sunday post on this blog. Often, it’s just a wonder or memory that might have but I always love it when people drop off ideas. I do have a Padlet created for just this purpose. You can be anonymous with your suggestions if you want.

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