Who’s running the asylum?

The inmates?

This was a very, very disturbing story that crossed my path this past week.

Scarborough parents call on school, TDSB to do more to prevent vaping in washrooms

The response, when I shared it on social media was equally disturbing. That school doesn’t have a monopoly on this phenomenon. It’s happening in many places and teachers are frustrated that something isn’t being done.

When I was in school, certainly vaping wasn’t a thing but smoking sure was. This song from Brownsville Station was also popular and was the law of the land.

Later, it was covered by Mötley Crüe.

I think we all know or have read about the dangers of vaping. I know that I have and it scares the heck out of me.


As a society, it appears that we have embraced vaping as a business and something that we’re prepared to live with. I know that I’m not. If they’re so dangerous, why is the product even allowed to be sold?

I also know that, in my old high school, our Vice-Principal was always out in the halls, dropping into the male washrooms when he suspected something. If there was something suspicious in a female washroom, he’d pull a female teacher to go in.

The dangers of smoking were addressed in our Health classes.

The same approach was taken in the school I taught in. In our area of the school, we’d be out in the halls between classes and often one of us was just hanging around the washroom where the message was “not in our all”.

The thing is that the odour was unlike anything else and it was easy to spot. With vaping, there’s an even stronger odour and way more vapour coming from things.

So, given all this, why does this continue to happen?


3 thoughts on “Who’s running the asylum?

  1. I don’t get it either!

    A young friend of mine said the washrooms at her high school are unusable because of the people who set up camp for the day. They bring snacks, watch movies on their laptops and harass anyone who comes in to use the washroom. ☹️


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