Making a design

There are all kinds of utilities that will allow you to create graphics. Quick and easy is always nice. Recently, I played around with StickerMule and found it so easy to put something together in a manner of minutes.

The development environment is very friendly and you’ll probably find it pretty familiar if you’ve ever done any design work. I’ve worked with a number of professional programs and there definitely is a time and a place for them.

But, for the quick and dirty or as an environment for work with students, I think that StickerMule certainly has a place. From templates to doing your own, it’s got you covered. If you’re looking for images, there’s a search feature that will take you to Unsplash for public domain images.

And, there’s no signup required. The site does offer the opportunity to purchase prints if that’s appealing.

Click through and give it a shot to see if it fits a need that you might have.


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