All kinds of music

Warning – this link will take you down the ultimate sinkhole if you’re a music lover.

You’ve been warned.

I remember when it was popular to create a “big list” of things. I was probably as guilty of this as anyone.

The resource that I’m going to share today will be of interest to most everyone.

I know that, in my classes, listening to music was always a request when students were busy working on projects or homework. The mode ranged from headphones to those small computer speakers that were part of the programming deal. As long as it didn’t interfere with the work, I was in favour. Even as I write this post, I have Coolradio on in the background. It helps me focus.

At the time, music from the 80s was in vogue. There definitely was good stuff by my standards but there was a lot that wasn’t. Some of the cool kids would play music from the 60s and 70s and that always went in their favour with the teacher.

But, if you wanted “it all”, you were kind of limited. That’s where Every Noise at Once comes in! Here’s a random picture from a screen shot.

I found switching to the “List” where everything is listed – almost 6 000 categories. Find what you want and you’re in for a short music clip with a link to a Spotify playlist. Or, just go nuts and get the BIG list in a single Spotify playlist.

Of use, perhaps, this week in the Canadian Indigenous playlist.

Or Classic Canadian Rock

And that kept me going and going – playing and exploring. I definitely could think of all kinds of uses for this website. It’s always a bonus when someone else does all the heavy lifting.

Now, back to my music.


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