A new game from Google

From the folks at Google Arts and Culture, there’s a release of al new game that you can play in your browser or via separate application (Android iOS).

I played it in my browser and it was so pleasant to have that retro gaming experience with block graphics and movement via the cursor keys.

I dug in just to play the game. It was only after I started moving around, talking to other characters, and having monkeys throw things at me that I realized that it was also educational! So, I restarted the game and paid more attention to the tour and the links.

Developed in partnership with Mexico’s National Museum of Anthropology, there is so much to learn wandering around and discovering clues, gathering rewards, solving puzzles, but most engagingly talking with the guardian as you go.

I was also pleasantly happy to see that Richard Byrne had created a video to explain things for us and you can watch him as he plays the game.

There’s even a lesson when you discover “more” about the character that you’re going to use for the game.

If you’ve played games in the past, the movement of your character will be familiar and you can just focus on the story and the learning. That’s a good thing.

Give it a shot – links are above.


OTR Links 09/26/2022

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