It was an exciting day for me yesterday. I got a free opportunity to cook whatever I wanted for supper. I didn’t have to go to the fridge and see what I could cobble together. We were actually at the end of our regular food buying routine. There wasn’t much.

I headed off into town to go to our favourite butcher perchance to dream. Of course, my cheapness would have to come into play but I had an urge for chicken cordon bleu.

I pulled into the public parking lot by the library and started across the road to see a couple waving at me saying “They’re closed”. That was strange. It was a Tuesday early afternoon. Then, I noticed it. There wasn’t a single light on in the store.

So, I got back in the car and figured I’d head to a grocery store when I noticed it. As I drove up and down the street, nothing was open. Not only was nothing open but there were very few cars around. That’s probably a good thing because the gas station had no lights on either.

It turns out the power had gone out.

It only came on back later on in the afternoon. In the meantime, I started to think of what I could make with some eggs and half a loaf of bread.

We just rely so much on electricity. I was tempted to drive to Harrow and a store there but maybe they had troubles too.

That got me thinking back to August 14 of 2003. I was at an OSAPAC retreat and we went into Owen Sound to celebrate a birthday supper with friends. When we got there, there was no electricity there. Or anywhere in Ontario, if you remember!

Blackout 2003: How Ontario went dark

We ended up having spaghetti cooked on the BBQ.

The ride back to the retreat was strange. No streetlights or anything at all. The sky was black and the stars were beautiful. We went over the last hill and saw our destination. It was brilliantly lit up; it turns out that they had the ability to make their own electricity!

All of this came back to mind yesterday as I drove down those empty streets. We’re still so vulnerable to scenarios like this.

For the curious, we had egg sandwiches – our power wasn’t affected – and when we took the dog into town after supper for a walk at the Navy Yard, the power had been restored.

And yet, for that brief while, my plans were scuttled.


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