Blogging ideas …

… gone wrong / missing / wha????

I never know where I’m going to be when the next inspiration for a blog post will come. If I’m alone or with Jaimie, I’ll record a voice message to myself on my phone and pick it up later. That works so well since we’re often out pounding the pavement or strolling a beach or doing any of the numerous trails around here. If you want to blog a lot, adopt a dog.

But, there are other times when I’m in a crowd, or a restaurant, or just around a bunch of people and I don’t want to stand out or annoy people that I’m around by talking to the hand – or rather the phone in my hand. In that case, I’ll send myself a note with whatever application that I have open at the time.

This morning, I checked the stream of messages to myself from myself to see what might hit the spot. This is part of what I found.

Now, I know that the quilt was my inspiration for a “Whatever happened to …” post. I went into the guest room and took that picture.

The caring message was probably in reference to this song.

But I know that others have recorded the song and so does YouTube.

I wonder which version I was thinking about?

As for the other content, I’m at a loss to explain it.

So, dear regular readers, this morning you’ll just have to suffer through something from a mind that has just gone blank.

Maybe, in the future, I should excuse myself from the crowd and make that detailed voice memo!


OTR Links 09/21/2022

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