City nicknames and slogans

I shared this story recently

Canadians Have No Idea Why Toronto Is Called The 6ix, According To Google

and my friend Alfred Thompson replied that he had no idea. Maybe he knows it as the other nickname – Hogtown.

It’s excusable that he doesn’t know; he doesn’t live there and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have Drake on any of his playlists.

Of course, that got me going thinking of a fun blog post so here goes. Hopefully, this will be helpful for Alfred as he plans vacations up here over the border. Also, I’m betting that readers of this blog might learn a bit too. Obviously, tourism is big with the slogans but it still gives added value as you look.

Here goes: (Fresh in my mind since I’ve been to them all recently)

I had to include this one in case Sheila Stewart reads this post. I haven’t been there in a long time.

Thunder Bay “Superior By Nature”

Ontario itself has a slogan. It used to be “Yours To Discover” but is now “A Place To Grow”.

Of course, my list is not inclusive. Here’s a short article.

How about adding your community and slogan/nickname in the comments below?


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