I coulda been rich

My youngest has a birthday this week. It’s always a big deal around here because it’s at the end of the summer and, once we determine a day when everyone is free, we have everyone over for a BBQ and playing in the backyard. The other birthdays are in the middle of winter which evokes a different set of planning.

The year I made BBQ quesadillas came up in my memories on Facebook today so there must have been a year that we celebrated on the 22nd.

Now, I hunger for quesadillas!

This picture would have been the first round on the BBQ. You cut them into 3 to make them go further and buy you some time while you make the second and third batches.

Over the weekend, I learned how much it cost me to appreciate BBQing for a family of 12 for a party.

Cost of raising a child grows to over $300,000

And that’s in American dollars. Multiply that my three kids and I could have been a millionaire. (in Canadian dollars)

And that’s just to get them to the age of 17. When the families are within easy driving distance, the costs continue. As they start to marry and have families of their own, …

Of course, my millionnaire assumption is based on the logic that I would have saved it all.

But, you know what? The real price is priceless.

I think about that every day.

Sometimes, you just have to ignore the number crunchers and data analysts and realize that you need to look beyond that and read the real story.


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