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I warn anyone who wants to follow me on social media that I can be a little noisy in the morning from 5:00-6:00. It’s my private time to do some reading. When I read an article that I think might be of interest to others, I’ll do some sharing.

In the beginning, I would go looking for a share tool on the site. There is no standard for doing this sort of thing so it might be at the top, or the bottom, or along one of the sides. Sometimes, finding the link can take almost as long as reading the original article.

A couple of years ago, I found an extension that did the trick nicely. Recently, though, there have been a couple of issues – sometimes it would post the image from a previous article with the current link and other times, it wouldn’t work on Twitter. But the biggest thing and regular readers know that I bounce between browsers was that there was no Firefox version. At the time, I had done some looking around and used AddToAny on Firefox. It works well.

I was thinking this week that it was kind of dumb to have two different utilities to bounce back and forth with and decided to switch to AddToAny on all my browsers. My needs are pretty humble; I share to Twitter, Facebook, and my Flipboard account. That’s a small use compared to all that it supports.

I have it activated on the context menu of the browser so a right click or double-tap brings up the menu and I select and share away.

When your time online is budgeted, finding a tool or a technique to expedite things can be a gold mine. At this point in time, AddToAny is my goto utility for sharing. I like the fact that I’m in total control and no longer have to go looking around for a link on the site I’m visiting.


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