Losing a trusted voice

I’ve always been a news junky. I have the news on in the morning while I’m reading online. Since my online reading typically comes from suggestions from Flipboard, I follow topics. With television or radio, I’m much pickier and will tune in to specific newscasts because of the individual who is reading the news.

On the surface, it seems bizarre. News is news and there are people who do the actual writing the content for the reading of the news from a teleprompter. That’s a skill in itself; there’s one person we get a kick from because they pause for a break at the oddest time. Most people would do it at the end of a sentence with the punctuation mark but not in this case.

There is another element of the newsreader that is hard to define. A good person at the craft comes across as if they researched and wrote the content personally and they’re telling you the news like you’re sitting across the dinner table from you.

Such was the case with Lisa LaFlamme. We had known, ironically through the news that she was leaving CTV news. She took to Twitter to confirm this yesterday. Sadly, she wasn’t able to announce it on CTV but we all have options these days.

Canada has a history of great news readers who have been with us for long periods of time. This is an interesting observation of ages and reasons for leaving.

There are all kinds of rumours and guesses about the reason for her contract being terminated by CTV. It’s one of those things that we may never know the complete story.

Sadly, we just know that her voice won’t be on the news in her traditional spot on CTV. Where she lands is unknown at this time. I’ve got to believe that there are other networks that might be interested in her and the people that will follow her.

In the meantime, we’ve lost a trusted voice.


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