One of the things that you end up doing when your children are involved in a restaurant is eating your way through the menu and foregoing all other eating places. I did it during my youngest’s days at a Mexican restaurant and I’m back at it again.

My son is a partner in the ownership of The Wreck at Colchester in beautiful Colchester, Ontario. From the outdoor terraces, you can see the harbour and the beauty of Lake Erie beyond. I remember having a discussion with him upon taking ownership of the place and asking him about the name.

Apparently, according to him, you can see where three ships have wrecked. I asked where because I was curious and got a wave of the hand which could have covered everything from shore to horizon, Amherstburg to Leamington.

Then, I read this story this morning.

BISMARKS THE SPOT How to find where Bismarck wreck location is on Google Maps – exact coordinates revealed

Of course, I had to find the location as given in the article.

What struck me is that, it doesn’t matter if you can see it (and that might just be a little creepy) but the location completes the story.

I needed more. There are all kinds of webpages devoted to the shipwrecks of Lake Erie. (to be honest, that took me on a trip through all the Great Lakes)

A picture seals the deal for me and I found it at Lake Erie Shipwrecks.

In theory, looking out over the lake on the map revealed this. From Colchester, you could easily see the location of the M.I. Wilcox, Grand Traverse, and George Worthington. Most certainly, I’d heard of the Pelee Passage Wrecks but this was a new experience for me. Each of the wrecks has a link to provide further details.

It’s fascinating.

If you back out, you’ll see wrecks in all the Great Lakes.

It’s a fascinating experience looking around and seeing what’s out there. Well, I guess technically, it’s down there.

And, I recommend the pickerel.


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