My Week Ending 2022-08-14

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.


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  • If you take pictures with your smartphone, you’ll appreciate the advice here about adjustments that you can make
  • There a number of services that provide free movie channels and the word is that Google TV is going to join in


  • This is a wonderful testament about the Opera GX browser and why you’ll be wondering if you should go back to Chrome once you’ve used it
  • How did Olivia Newton John get to be 73? It seems like yesterday that every other song on the radio was one that she did


  • This article is a reminder to get your kids up to date with vaccinations – never a problem around here with mom as a nurse
  • You always know that professional athletes will eventually retire but it’s still a bit of a shock when talented individuals do so. This time, it’s Serena Williams


  • Thinking about going to a water park in China has never really been something that I thought about but now I’m thinking no if I ever get the chance
  • I really did try hard to use a tablet (in my case an iPad) to take notes but it just doesn’t work for me. Since Grade 9 Keyboarding, I can type faster and with more accuracy. Trivia fact; the icon for this website was done by Colleen Rose and I was taking notes with a tablet at the time


  • It’s a good rationale to keep updated; I just do it as a matter of course because I want to see what’s new
  • If you’re looking for a technology job, check out this article – they pay exceptionally well


  • Twitter lists are my heart and soul and I’d never be as well connected to people as I am with them. Here’s how they work
  • An interesting take on debloating Windows on a new computer. It’s too late for me; I’ve gone through with a wrecking ball


  • This list of Comic Strip Generators is worth tucking away for those times when, well, you need to create a comic
  • I hadn’t thought about this but, with the cost of everything rising, some parents are reporting problems affording school uniforms. Could this be the end?

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#FollowFriday – August 12, 2022

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voicEd Radio

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Featured Bloggers:

This week was particularly important to me as two dear friends shared their thoughts on the passing of a colleague

  • Elizabeth Lyons – @mrslyonslibrary
  • Diana Maliszewski – @MzMollyTL
  • David Garlick – @garlickd23 
  • Marie Snyder – @MarieSnyder27
  • Fair Chance Learning – @FCLEdu
  • Aviva Dunsiger – @avivaloca
  • Kristy – @2peasandadog

This week’s voicEd Radio show:

Technology Troubleshooting

I had to pick up my sister-in-law at the train station and, of course, we had to be there in plenty of time in case the train was there early. Do trains ever arrive early?

There is free parking in the lot for 30 minutes but we were well ahead of that, much less that the train might be delayed. So, I tried, I really tried to buy a parking ticket but the machine would only go so far and then seem to lock up.

I went in and asked for advice at the sales desk and the lady said to just hit the green button and get the free parking slip. Since we were so close to a train arrival and the lot would be jammed pack, it wouldn’t be policed. The parking police are more concerned with people that park there and then head off site for other business.

Good to know. And cheaper.

Look what I made

With all the Wordle craze, I of course blogged about it earlier but also created a Wakelet of all the Wordle clones I could find. Once created, I’ve been adding to it daily, it seems. I guess it’s presumptuous to think I could do it all in one session. It certainly has taken the online world by storm.

My collection is available here:

Update – July 31: Up to 72 entries.

Video of the Week

Black and white movies didn’t even try.

Photo of the Week

Jaimie and I head out even earlier in the morning for cool walks. As we head north, the sun rises in the east and it was spectacular on Saturday morning. That wire you see running through the picture is our fibre internet.

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Whatever happened to …

… paper fly catchers?

I’ve mentioned before that I married the farmer’s daughter. The other day, we were complaining about the flies on the patio – Webster can’t get them all – and it brought back memories of flycatchers of old.

They came rolled up in little tubes. On one end, there would be a tack that you could stick into the wall and then you’d pull this sticky tape down using the paper tube that they came rolled up in.

Dairy farmers back in the day preferred them since they would trap the flies and keep them from falling into the milk. Maybe it was that possibility or something else but my father-in-law would never drink milk. I do remember drinking it fresh and warm from my uncle’s farm years ago. It was just brought in from the barn in a cup and we had the local version of “whole milk”. Kids today don’t know the joy.

These days, there are all kinds of devices that you can purchase to catch flies and they seem to be a little more humane and seem to be designed to catch flies by the volume.

So, I went looking because we couldn’t find them in the local hardware store or at Walmart. I’ll confess to not looking too hard because it really hasn’t been a bad fly summer. To date, a fly swatter in the house or a wave of a hand outside the house does the trick.

What are your thoughts on this sticky situation?

  • Has it been a slow summer for flies around your place?
  • Do you trap flies to get rid of them buzzing around – particularly when you’re dining outside?
  • Have you ever personally been “caught” in one of these? How about your dog or cat?
  • Is there a difference between killing a fly inside the house versus outside the house at your place?
  • Do you purchase fly traps of some sort to help the cause?
  • According to this article, there are substantial diseases that can be carried by flies.
  • My wife just proofread this and laughed at the reference to her father. She mentioned that she had bought some a few years ago and they’re out in the garbage. Do they dry out over time?

As I say every Sunday, I’d appreciate your thoughts on this. Please do so in the comments.

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OTR Links 08/14/2022

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