My sense of humour

To put this in a sense of context… I’m typically up at 4:30 and make myself a coffee, a bowl of cereal, and then I quietly go down to the rec room. Quietly, because I have a wife and dog that would join me that early if I’m not.

I’ve always, always, been a morning person. In particular, I have one hour of the day that I devote to myself and for personal learning. It’s what I did in all of the locations that I’ve ever worked. Nobody has ever accused me of being late. I like to think that it stops me from going stale.

These days, my learning comes from current events, and stories gathered for me with my Flipboard account. I warn people that I’m very noisy on my accounts from roughly 5-6 in the morning as I do share what I’ve read or interacted with and find personal value. My logic is that, if it’s good for me, it just might be interesting for someone else. Social networking sometimes generates a conversation which is always a bonus.

Yesterday started like any other morning. I grab my cereal and coffee and turn on WDIV from Detroit to watch the news from 5-5:30 and then CITYTV from Toronto for 5:30-6. I’m in my chair, coffee to the left of me and cereal between me and my Chromebook. There I am, reading, eating, listening, drinking, and learning.

Then, I hit this story.

This Restaurant’s Signs Are So Funny, You’d Probably Go Back Just To Read Them (50 New Pics)

I’m sure that you’ve seen this restaurant’s presence – it has some of the funniest jokes posted on its outside display board. But, here was a collection of 50 in one spot and I started to scroll. Picture me there and with a spoonful of cereal being washed down by a gulp of coffee and then I hit this one.

I won’t describe what happened next but it was messy and loud and woke the dog.

I decided that I needed to blog about the experience just to make sure that this image never goes away. I decided to include 4 more in this post just so that it could be a “Top 5”.

So here goes…

If you’re laughing or smiling at least, we need to get together and trade jokes.

Those are what tickled my funny bone. Well, most of them did but I wanted to do a “Top 5”.

Whoever does these signs is a genius in humour.



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