Never gets old

We had to head into the train station yesterday to pick up my sister-in-law. The “new” station is still far more appealing than the old one. When you peel back the skin though, it’s just bricks, mortar, three desks, currency exchange, a couple of washrooms, and a big seating area with televisions.

Yet, just outside the washrooms is this display from the Hockey Hall of Fame. I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve been there but I always stop and look at this.

When I lived in Toronto, I did visit the entire Hall of Fame a few times. It’s still kind of neat that a part of it hangs in our little station.

Picture two little boys with buzzcuts sitting on floor cushions in front of a black and white television set on a Saturday night. It was a weekly tradition – Dad or Mom would also pop some popcorn and we’d be there waiting for Ward Cornell to take us to the game.

Dad and my brother were big Leafs fans; I was and still am, a Canadiens fan. There was the odd Saturday night when I got to watch my team but mostly it was the blue and white. Or rather, white and greyish.

As kids, we played organized hockey and my brother was a pretty good goalie. Even then, though, he wore a facemask. Yet, in the early days, none of the professional goalies did. If a goalie got cut by a puck or stick, the substitute goalie would come in while he got stitched up and then returned. It was brutal.

This display reminds me that eventually, the game smartened up. It’s humbling to look at the masks that some of the greats used. Terry Sawchuk, Gerry Cheevers, Ken Dryden, Mike Palmateer.

When you think about it now, it’s tough to think that there was a time when goaltenders would be there with pads, for sure, but with no face mask. It gives me shivers to even think about it.

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