Monkees Heardle

Trivia and a puzzle …

If you grew up in the 60s, chances are this was your go-to television show.

Now, you can put the skills of your youth to good use in a new Heardle variation called, appropriately enough, Monkees Heardle.

It’s like so many of the games based on the popular “guess it in six attempts” format. The biggest difference, at least to me, is that I was a fan and I know probably more Monkees’ songs than I should admit in public.

Despite this knowledge, I still find this challenging and enjoyable. I could go down to the rec room and play all those old scratchy albums that I still have for some reason. The nice thing about the internet though is that I can listen to them all digitally.

If you click the video above, it’s the starting of a collection of songs. So, if you want to relive some memories or just want to play another great guessing game, check it out.

“play, magic fingers”


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