So, yesterday’s blog post was a setup for today’s. It wasn’t really planned that way specifically but it all comes together. (at least in my mind…)

If you read the post, it was about wandering around Middlesex and Elgin Counties because of a road closure and my desire not to drive through Grand Bend on the holiday weekend.

In all of these communities, there are important people living there. Maybe not to you or me but certainly to them and their families. And then, there are some famous people.

I’ve been playing around with the Notable People web application for a while and found that it plays nicely with my road trip. The premise for the application is pretty simple. The coding would be interesting.

Using data from Morgane Laouenan et al., the map is showing birthplaces of the most “notable people” around the world. Data has been processed to show only one person for each unique geographic location with the highest notability rank.

Next to me <grin>, the most notable person I could think of from Huron County was born in Wingham – Alice Munro.

Looking to the east at Seaforth and Mitchell.

Son of a gun!

How about London?

The names that are large and bold I guess had more data associated with them and I get that.

Now, on my trip, I was south and west of London so zoomed in on that area.

Really? That bears fact-checking and it appears to be true. John Kenneth Galbraith was from Iona Station. Do you know how many times I’ve driven through Iona and looked north wondering what was in Iona Station?

Around here?

Don’t limit your searching to southwest Ontario. Check this out.

You know what happened next.

Yep, Doug was off and exploring. This time virtually and worldwide rather than driving cross-country in my car. I checked my birthplace but lost out to Jim Carey!

Clicking a name reveals a bit more information about the person. Having a second tab open to do an internet search for them worked out well.

Of course, the application to the classroom should be pretty easy.

Enjoy your trip.


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