Could this be the best browser for Macintosh?

I still have a MacBook Pro. According to the “About This Mac”, it’s mid-2012 which makes it about 10 years old. I bought it thinking it might be the last Macintosh I ever owned. So, it came with 8GB of RAM and a 250GB hard drive. At one point, I took out that hard drive with all its moving parts and put in a 500GB SSD and it has been running ever since.

Putting the screws back in was a challenge and one kept falling out so there’s a piece of duct tape over each of them. (I couldn’t do just one as it looked bad and who knows if one of the others wants to fall out)

I started web browsing with Safari and hated it. It seemed slow and Apple, in their take on security, isn’t extension friendly. As a result, I installed a bunch of others – Firefox, Opera, Brave, Chrome, Vivaldi and they’ve all done a better job with my workflow.

On one particularly hot day this summer, I was a bit bored and so installed the Microsoft Edge browser. I know that this is heresy for the Apple faithful but I’m not part of that group. I was never a fan of the Internet Explorer browser but Windows 11 users will know that Edge creeps into everything and it’s a pretty good browser. How would it fare on the Macintosh?

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much.

I was so wrong.

It’s been running for 2-3 weeks now and it’s the fastest thing that I have on there for browsing. My go-to had always been Firefox but this is so impressive.

First of all, for the geeky me, there is so much configuration that can be done here.

I’m still working my way through things. I got burned a long time ago when I went through and made a whack of changes only to shoot myself in the foot and then had to backtrack to find what I did wrong. So, slow and easy is my motto now.

The functionality is impressive when you bring up the context menu. There are so many options and they run off the screen. Truth be told, this computer doesn’t have a huge screen to begin with and it shows. The best setting is 1280 x 800! I do have the browser set to display content at 90% to try to squeeze in more text and minimize scrolling.

Because the browser is based on the Chromium Project, any extension that I might use from the Edge Store or the Google Play store just works. So, things like uBlock Origin, ClearURL, Grammarly, Diigo, etc. all just work nicely. I really like the Edge-specific things like Collections, the control over Security, and the Tab Management tools. A complete list of features is available here. The new tab feature is terrific. No need for a separate extension.

At this point, it’s the fastest and smoothest browser on this machine. If I had to make any suggestions, it would be to use the space better. There seems to be too much padding used to separate tab icons and extension icons. With the limited space I have on the screen, it is an issue for me. It’s probably not something that someone with a larger screen would even notice.

Overall, I’m really impressed with what was done to make the browser work so nicely and work within the Macintosh environment. I’d be a real fan if they wrote something that would work on a Chromebook.

I’m wondering about other Macintosh users – have you used the Edge browser? What are your thoughts?


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