The New Dawn

Today, I’m honoured to feature a guest blog post. This is from a good friend, former ECOO President and retired Computer Science educator Peter McAsh, and touchingly features the spectacular talent of a mutual friend.

Colleen Rose, Doug Peterson, and I are close friends despite our physical distance.  The last time we were together was when Colleen made her first conference keynote at an OSSTF Event. Doug had written this blog post about it at the time.

Of course, it was a moment for a picture of the three of us. (Colleen is the Queen of Selfies)

As a thank you for the small part that Doug and I contributed, Colleen crafted two paintings.

My painting is on the left; Doug’s is on the right. Colleen’s genius idea was that the two of them would be touching to show the continuity of our friendships. For the purpose of this post, we weren’t together so they were taken with two different cameras and set side by side with WordPress.

Not only is Colleen an excellent educator and all-around wonderful person, but she is also an exceptionally talented artist. I have two of her limited edition prints and knew that someday I would get a Colleen original.

I was moved by a social media post Colleen made:

In December,  Colleen posted that “The New Dawn” was available for purchase.  It didn’t last long – I bought it.  I now own a Colleen original!

The plan was for me to visit Colleen and her family to pick up the painting.  For a variety of reasons, that didn’t happen so earlier this month it was decided to have the painting shipped to me.  I inquired about framing since this was the first original oil painting I’d ever purchased.  Colleen recommended a floating frame and arranged to have it framed for me.  It turned out to be an excellent decision.

Colleen requests that her clients send her a photo of her painting in their home.  My photo was Colleen approved and has started a trend.

Colleen’s limited edition prints and cards are great but having an original takes it to a whole different level.

This painting changes as the light conditions vary. It’s difficult for me, being colour blind, to explain it but the painting has light and dark areas and colours that come to life with the changing light. The painting’s location will allow the morning light to shine on the painting which is appropriate since it is “The New Dawn.”

When I was 12 I visited Maud Lewis’ home and had the opportunity to purchase a painting.  I did not.  I was not going to make the same mistake twice and now I have a Colleen Rose painting.  I’m looking forward to the day that one of Colleen’s paintings is featured on the Twitter feed @CanadianPaintings

Thank you, Doug, for letting me guest post on your blog.  I was struggling with a post for social media.  When I was recently chatting online with Colleen, I warned her something would be coming!  

Colleen is someone that everyone should have in their social network.


Addendum by Doug after post has gone live:

I didn’t realize that posting your Colleen artwork was a thing so I took a picture this morning. (it’s still dark so I used a flash) You’ll see that it’s in my workspace and I get to see it every day. It’s calming and inspirational.


6 thoughts on “The New Dawn

  1. Peter, Colleen, and Doug:

    This is a heartening story to read! It emphasizes the value of friendship and the importance of the Arts in enriching our lives. It also provides us with an opportunity to reflect on the technological society in which we live.

    The time and skill required in crafting an original piece by hand exemplifies the importance of traditional means of artistic creation, when we live in a world so easily dominated by copy/paste and undo. An original painting — as opposed to a digital creation which can be easily duplicated and distributed en masse — physically embodies the full efforts of the artist, and allows for a one-to-one connection between the artist and the patron.

    At the same time, today’s technology allows us to connect with new friends (both locally and at a distance), maintain and strengthen relationships when in-person gatherings are not possible, and engage almost instantaneously. Today’s technology also allows us to share beyond a one-to-one experience, allowing others to come along on journeys and learn along with others. The selfie, the co-joined photos of the artworks in WordPress, and the opportunity to publish this story for Ontario Educators (and beyond) to enjoy all illustrate the benefits of living in a digital age.

    Peter, thank you for sharing this story. Doug, thank you for making the sharing possible via your blog. Colleen, thank you for creating the art that we all need in this day and age, and for strengthening the connections between us all.

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    1. Andy, I love your perspective ~ your appreciation for the bigger picture and its interconnections warms my heart. It makes me appreciate what technology can do for us, helping us boil it all down to the stuff that really matters. You are one of a kind and I love it. Big hugs!

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  2. Oh wow ~ it took me a while to process all of the feelings after reading this beautiful post. I can say with all honesty I was overwhelmed, but in a good way. First, thank you to Peter for your thoughtfulness. You didn’t have to invest your time crafting a blog post to share on Doug’s blog but you chose to share kindness in such a meaningful way. Peter, you ROCK. That, coming from this geeky artist is similar to Monica from friends saying “you go, girl!” ~ I am very good at being awkward for the sake of bringing a smile to people who are special to me.
    Doug, you are the ultimate connector. Now that I’ve typed “ultimate connector”, it made me think of transformers and now I’m laughing at the thought of Doug as a transformer with all of us on his team. Can you picture it?
    This post is so awesome, and so are you both. Sending you love and so much appreciation from Red Rock. ❤

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