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My Week Ending 2022-07-10

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.


You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Below are a selected few, with commentary, from the past week. They’re posted to the blog daily under the title OTR Links.


  • I think this is important – Our Ontario Provincial government seems to have turned their backs on COVID and reports – doctors are using the 4th dose. (I got mine)
  • OK, hardcore Apple Macintosh users – would you protect your computer with Microsoft Defender? Before you say no, remember that you love Microsoft Office


  • I think it takes a very special type of person to want to be a teacher anyway; here are some reasons why people don’t want into the profession
  • Air Canada is huge in the news and this adds to it with the cancellation of 9 500 flights this summer


  • I don’t know about you but I find Google Streetview simply amazing and it’s special when you see the car! Here are all the ways that the images are captured
  • Another chance to beat up on the Google Chrome browser and suggest alternatives for better resolution in Netflix


  • Long time Opera fan here and I liked this post, not as a reason to leave Chrome, but as a nice summary of Opera features
  • There’s a new mandate coming for school buses in Ontario. I think it’s sad that we continue to do this. Buses should have cameras and anyone who passes illegally gets a ticket. Period



  • This is such a sad story – we’ve heard about the shortage of lifeguards and now there’s a shortage of officials for kids’ sports. It’s like the world is out against summer activities
  • The biggest technology story from last week was the outage of Rogers‘ internet and other services. Huge impact and the discussion continues


  • There definitely is a need for a Plan B. I’ll bet the planning is either underway or it starts on Monday
  • The Simpsons fans may get a chuckle out of the history of the price tag on Maggie

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doug — off the record

My daily contributions to this blog are linked below. If you’re looking for a week in review for doug–off the record, you came to the right place.

#FollowFriday – July 8, 2022

Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

voicEd Radio

This Week in Ontario Edublogs is a blog post/show/podcast that features great writing from Ontario Edubloggers. Stephen Hurley and I use their writing as the basis for a conversation.

Featured Bloggers:

  • Melanie White – @WhiteRoomRadio
  • Arianna Lambert – @MsALambert
  • Will Gourley – @WillGourley
  • Michael Frankfort @mfrank_76
  • STAO – @staoapso
  • Rolland Chidiac – @rchids
  • Vicky Loras – @vickyloras
  • Melissa Turnbull – @missmturnbull

This week’s show:

Opening Song:

Closing Song:

Technology Troubleshooting

My MacBook Pro 2013 edition is starting to show that its once top of the line specifications aren’t holding up given how I use a computer these days.

I grab it on Friday morning to do my “Follow Friday” posts because it had a much better processor for working with Tweetdeck which can be pretty processor intensive.

The problem is that the screen isn’t really big enough to handle what I want to do with it without scroll. Once you’ve become used to a 1920×1080 resolution, anything else pales. At times, I’ll grab my Linux laptop but it isn’t as light on the lap as the MBP is.

I’ve tried everything I could with the settings and have it set to as much as it can display but it’s not enough.

Then, I remembered some advice – don’t raise the bridge, lower the river.

I got away from the MBP settings and, instead, went right into Firefox’s setting and told it to scale the fonts less than 100%. 80% seemed to display everything I wanted without scrolling.

Problem solved. Coffee does help with the smaller text. There’s always compromises but this isn’t a bad one.

Look what I made

With all the Wordle craze, I of course blogged about it earlier but also created a Wakelet of all the Wordle clones I could find. Once created, I’ve been adding to it daily, it seems. I guess it’s presumptuous to think I could do it all in one session. It certainly has taken the online world by storm.

My collection is available here:

Update – July 2: Up to 68 entries.

Video of the Week

I’m laughing a little too hard here.

Photo of the Week

We had to let these two out for some exercise. Immediately, they ignored each other and put their noses to the ground.

Thanks for reading.

Please join me daily for something new and, hopefully, interesting for you. I honestly and truthfully appreciate your few moments reading my thoughts. Time willing, this summary appears every Sunday afternoon.

Be safe.


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