Unless I make a mistake and forget to schedule this post for tomorrow, I just gave away today’s Canuckle’s puzzle answer!

Playing the game has been a part of my morning gaming routine since I discovered the game (actually prompted by a Twitter message). For a while, I shared my success but then stopped because I figured I was noisy enough on social media in the mornings anyway. I don’t think I missed a day.

I really enjoy these types of word games but Canuckle was just a bit more special because the solutions had something to do with being Canadian and there was always a message explaining the answer! Dare I say you could learn something by playing the game.

Recently, I noticed that there was a countdown notice to the game and the message today revealed that this was the final round of the game. Kudos for the success.

In addition to the notice that things are now done, there’s something you won’t find in any other game. There’s a list of all the words used during its run here.

And the “fun fact” that went with each of the words is there as well. If you’d like to replay, there is an archive of all the games as well so you can go back to game 1.

It’s a great ending to a great game. Maybe. If you read the blog, we’re teased that there might be something else coming. After all, good code is too precious to let go to waste.

Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Proud

  1. This countdown explains why today’s answer for me was also “proud.” 🙂 Glad I read this post. I’m realizing that I’m not as observant as I thought. 🙂



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