When I’m sixty-four

Actually, this post isn’t about 64.

When I’m 80, I plan to be barbequing hamburgers for the family like I do every summer on my birthday. What do you do if you’re Sir Paul McCartney and you’re turning 80? You play a concert!

Thanks to the internet, it was captured and shared. And, when you’re playing in Bruce Springsteen’s backyard, why not have him on stage! And, how about a duet with Jon Bon Jovi?

I listened and thoroughly enjoyed the concert. It got me thinking – what are my favourite Paul McCartney songs? I looked here for a big list and I chose six.

Got to add my Bruce Springsteen favourite or two to this list.

and Bon Jovi… (I know the first is a cover but it’s a great cover)

How did I do?

Do you have better suggestions?

3 thoughts on “When I’m sixty-four

  1. Nice thoughts and fun post in honour of 80 celebrations! My husband just informed me on the weekend that Live and Let Die is his fav Paul song. I did not know this before! My brother sent me youtube videos of the concert he went to in Wpg. in 1993! My sister loves Bruce! We will probably hear both Paul and Bruce at my daughter’s wedding next month. I will have to see if I can pick my top fav songs.. or six..

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