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Victoria Day

I wish everyone a relaxing long weekend. Goodness know that we need it. As I sat down to write this post, I knew that I’d written many times in the past and I seem to have come away with some extra learning in the process.

From previous posts…

  • 2021 – Thanks to Vicky Loras, I know that it’s Holy Spirit Day in Switzerland As noted below, this is not a carved in stone day – updated May 31, 2022
  • 2020 – How high water can dampen holiday plans
  • 2019 – A cyborg writer describes my Victoria Day activities better than me
  • 2017 – The great Canadian Flag is raised in Windsor
  • 2016 – Canada is the only country that celebrates Victoria Day
  • 2014 – How to see if your Professional Development is up to date
  • 2011 – How to share your blog in book format
  • 2010 – You could create your own parade – sadly the site is gone
  • 2010 – Digital Photography Contest is open for viewing

After doing a quick look back, I guess I didn’t mention Victoria Day every year. Still, it was kind of neat to see what I was writing about on those days.

For 2022, it’s another dark and dreary looking morning. It got this way yesterday but we certainly did not get the severe weather that the rest of the province did.

This year, it’s Amherstburg Open Air Weekend. After a bit of complaining, the town has adjusted the roads that will be closed downtown and we’re able to walk the streets again. It’s a testament to how I’ve been trained all my life. I have this urge to walk on the sidewalk and have to force myself to do the streets. In celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, there are things to do downtown including a Queen’s Scavenger Hunt. And, you can play croquet and there’s a Fascinator contest. Do I tell someone that they spelled “fascinator” incorrectly? Could I do something special with my Tiger’s hat?

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

What are you planning to learn this Victoria Day? Learning to relax is a good answer too.


6 responses to “Victoria Day”

  1. Happy Victoria Day! I definitely plan on reading a book and hopefully getting outside today. Maybe going on a walk. Have a great day!


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  2. I spent the weekend cleaning all the corners of my house, so today I am going to enjoy sitting on the couch (maybe outside) and reading without feeling like there are 100 other things I should be doing. I’ve even been experimenting with doing all of my anecdotal notes in a way that makes them easier to cut & paste into report cards, so technically I’m half finished with reports too!


  3. Hi Doug!

    Thanks for the mention 😀Actually (and I found this out quite late) Holy Spirit day here is a movable public holiday – it depends on when Easter Sunday is, fifty days later. So we have Holy Spirit Day this coming Monday 😀

    The funny thing is that Greece had Easter one o week later than Switzerland, so Holy Spirit Day there is a week later. So confusing!


    1. Thanks for updating me, Vicky. I was going with the information that you had provided earlier.


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