I was kind of surprised when I saw that #BoycottTimHortons was trending.

What did they do? Start charging extra for a double double? Stop selling sour cream glazed doughnuts? For the record, I’ll have a medium black and sour cream glazed in case you’re meeting me and want to know what to bring.

No, it was over a requirement for their Summer Camps.

From Tims Camps

Tim Hortons Foundation Camps is committed to helping youth from underserved communities achieve their full potential. Tims Camps equip young people from low-income families with the skills they need to design their future.

We’ve known of this wonderful initiative for years. We know that periodically there are fund raisers based on products sold. We know that it’s a great opportunity for the kids that get to go. I guess we all just assumed that it was safe to do so.

We also know that nobody in their right mind wants to go to a COVID spreader event. To that end, apparently those that go are required to be vaccinated.

A petition on RebelNews has claimed over 19 000 signatures as I read this.

From my perspective, it’s the latest in the anti-vaccination stupidity. As a society, we’ve had a tough past couple of years due to this disease. Yes, there are those who have not been vaccinated and have been fortunate enough to not catch the disease. We also know that many who have been vaccinated have contracted it but end up having lighter effects. We know that the numbers are so much better but they’re not zero.

This isn’t the hill to die on. If these people and this organization want to do something, then make your own camp and accept whoever you want. Tim Hortons is making the effort to get back into the business of providing the opportunity to their target audience. They’re not obligated to change their rules just because a group of others don’t like it.

I commend them for trying to make this experience the safest that they can for those kids.

In anything, don’t boycott, make sure that you’re supporting this. Buy an extra coffee.


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