A big shout-out goes to Peter Beens for creating this project and keeping it going for us. He’s written a program that scrapes polling data in advance of the upcoming provincial election and shares it with us.

He makes no attempt to hide his political feelings and provides his thoughts as to we should vote for, by riding.

Of course, when I saw his first announcement of this project, I had to check it out and see what he’d done. Secondly, I had to look at my riding (Essex) to make sure that he’d tagged a former student Ron LeClair as the person to vote for around here.

Then, I took a tour around the province looking at riding where I’d lived in the past. You can check out the data in the spreadsheet that he’s created.

I thought that the whole effort was a terrific exercise in what you can do with data that’s freely available. Now that the current government has dropped its budget, you know that we’re going to hear all kinds of political activity leading into the June election.

Peter, if you’re reading this, it would be an interesting exercise to do a snapshot of the polling before the election call and to compare it with ongoing opinions as the campaigning begins.

Thanks for doing this.


OTR Links 04/30/2022

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