I’m staying

The world all over was talking about Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter yesterday. Some are looking for some immediate action.

A picture from a long time ago that he wants removed. A lesson here is that anything that goes on social media never goes away.

Maybe the new Twitter, whatever that will be, could hire Peter to write something in Colab that would implement this. The lesson here is that you should proofread before you send anything. (I’m as guilty as anyone for this) And, as the best advice ever from a long time ago was, “Don’t post anything online you wouldn’t want your mother to see.”

In fact, there are lots of lessons and learning to be had by using Twitter. According to my profile, I’ve been a member since 2007. I remember why I joined; I was in a workshop with Will Richardson who was leading a session and he talked about how many smart people were connected, providing the opportunity to learn something new every day. All you had to do was follow the right people. Another message that he had that remains with me to this day is that you should provide something back so that others can learn. It’s Win, Win.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

And so, to whatever ability that I have, I try to do so by sharing my reading, my learnings, and my contributions to this blog. It’s been so good for me and I like to think that I follow the best of the best. I’ve never had a concern for freedom of speech and I do have connections all over the place. Some I agree with; others I don’t but it’s never been a deal breaker.

Not so with others. There have been some amusing hashtags to follow.


and my favourite, #TwitterinCanada where a number of people outside our nation were schooled on social media and that Twitter is actually available in Canada, no matter who owns it. So, moving to Canada doesn’t let you escape Twitter. Pro Tip: Turning off you devices will.

For me though, it remains my goto place for well connected and smart people. It’s the only place where I announce my blog posts and I am so appreciative of Ontario Educators who take the time to write and share their own ideas. It’s the one forum that they have to reach out to others and are as credible with their thoughts about education and their reality as anyone.

I don’t go to Twitter for political information although I like a good meme as much as anyone else. I prefer to go right to the source and read the writing and listen to the voices of credible news researchers.

While there are all kinds of people threatening to leave Twitter (remember, talk is cheap), I’m not going to be one of them. As long as it makes the connections and learning that I so value, I’m here for the long run.

How about you?


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