Still waiting

When I upgraded my computer from Windows 10 to Windows 11, I thought that the experience would be like Windows 10, only better. It seemed to me that the logical thing was to take the existing code and add features, tweak here and there and keep on going.

I suppose that, for the most part, that’s what happening. Like any operating systems, there are regular updates and I look forward to fixes and improvements.

Yet, despite all this, there’s one feature in Windows 10 that has never appeared in Windows 11 and, according to this, may be a while coming. It seems like a simple thing.

And yet …

Microsoft explains why you can’t move Windows 11 Taskbar

It seems like such a simple thing to me, the end user.

My Windows computer is a 15.5 inch display. It’s really wide. It’s terrific for watching videos full screen. However, most web pages don’t take advantage of the wideness of the screen. Those sites, like this blog, have open space. Good resources are typically “long” and require a great deal of scrolling.

Don’t you just love that green border that’s outside the white border?

All that I want is to be able to move the taskbar to the left side of the screen. It would take advantage of all the screen real estate that I have from left to right and give me more reading room from top to bottom.

My Chromebook and MacBook Pro have that feature although the MacBook Pro isn’t a wide screen computer. Windows 10 used to allow the taskbar to be moved.

All that I want is that feature back.

In the meantime, I just wait I guess.


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