Forcing security

I’ve been a big fan of a couple of extension from the Electronic Frontier Foundation for a long time.

What I particularly like about both of these extensions is that you just install them and basically forget them. They continue to do what they’re supposed to do.

HTTPS Everywhere, I think, is a pretty important concept. The web can serve up pages with HTTP or HTTPS protocols. It’s the HTTPS that you really want since it forces the sites that you’re visiting to send you information securely. Details can be found here.

I’ve actually wondered if HTTPS Everywhere is even needed anymore. Most modern browsers have that ability built-in. I’m using Opera as I type this and the setting is:

Even if people aren’t using the extension, hopefully that switch is toggled on in their browser settings.

While poking around, plans are in place for the extension to be retired. It’s a signal of the success of the initial concept that other browsers have implemented the features. You can read all about it and how to set up things in your browser here.

I was surprised, this morning, while reading this article that the extension was one of the ones recommended for installation if you’re using the Edge browser. After all, if you’ve ever gone into the configuration for Edge, you’ll see that there’s all kinds of settings for security. But, I couldn’t find one specifically devoted to HTTPS. Hopefully, it’s rolled into one of the other security settings.

It’s definitely a feature that you want turned on in the browser and used through the extension.

You can’t be too safe.

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