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And a Good Friday morning to all readers. Check out these great posts from Ontario Edubloggers. The first five were talked about on the voicEd Radio show and the other two are bonus posts.

Does everything have to be a lesson or is everything always a lesson?

I hate that Elizabeth had to write this post. It’s happened to all of us; someone (in this case, Elizabeth) drops into a class to see some unpredictable behaviours. In this case, it was conversations happening between students and the regular teacher felt compelled to apologize for it.

She didn’t see things as out of control but, in teacher form, shares with us a list of things that were happening in the classroom from her perspective. I hope that she shared them with the teacher or that the teacher drops by her blog to read.

All of this was beside the point that got me hooked on the post. It was about a student who needed to be a helper in the library and was often there to sort the Legos. Even if the activity wasn’t necessarily needed, she would do a job on them so that there was a task for the student. That brought a smile to my face. Nothing like that appears on anyone’s job descriptor but sometimes things like that are absolutely necessary.

And sometimes, kids just need to talk to each other.

Money Saving Tips For Teachers

Who doesn’t like to save a few bucks here and there? These days, with inflation and most certainly gasoline prices, this is a post worth the read to get some inspiration from some of the fifteen ideas contained in there.

The ideas aren’t limited exclusively to teachers and, if nothing else, it will give you a chance to do a partial inventory of your spending habits and see if there’s something in there that speaks to you.

There are some smaller ideas (bringing your own bags) but then there are some big ideas that could save a whack of money – like evaluating how many paid streaming services that you have subscribed to. Sometimes getting out of commitments can be a hassle but, in the long run, if it ends up with more money in your pocket, it’s worth it.

I was pleased to see that I’d already done some of the ideas but there are a few that will take some consideration. I like extra money in my pocket.

Questioning our Current School Calendar

But we’ve always done it this way.

How many times have we heard that. In the post, Amy takes a look at three difference scenarios for timetabling a school year, taking into consideration many things but certainly driven by religious days.

  • normal
  • balanced
  • inclusive

Is it time to shake things up a bit? I found it to be a nice discussion and yet there are so many things in place that make the “normal” school year pretty difficult to change. When you have school districts sharing busing for example, that makes two of them that have to be in agreement on any change.

I thought that her demographic display and information was worth the read even if changing the entire year turns out to be difficult.

But, not impossible if there is a will…

What Blogging Can Lead to…

Magical things.

Remember my post about getting some manicotti?

The life of a teacher can be hectic. There’s working all day; being a parent before and after school; lesson planning, etc. And yet, Jen has been able to do these and to sit down in the evening to do some additional writing as a little side hustle.

The post is a nice teacher story and yet she leaves us hanging and wanting to know how this story ends. She doesn’t follow the job to a conclusion, leaving it for others.

It also brought back memories of me writing for someone else only to have editors and proofreaders go through and butcher my masterpiece.

Life is so much easier when you write for your own blog and live with the errors or go back and edit things later!

She nails the value of blogging with

Here, I just write like how I talk

The Power of “Thank You”

When I saw Melissa’s title, I thought that she was going to write about saying “thank you” to members of her educational community. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

It’s about when people say thanks to you, personally.

Sometimes it’s vocal but other times, it can be a card or a gift. A wise person told me once to collect all those things and bring them out to look at when you feel that the world isn’t treating you properly. They can be a reminder that you definitely had a positive influence at some point.

These days, you just might want to take a look through your own portfolio and use the artifacts as a pick-me-up. It’s a simple concept but Melissa’s thoughts will make you feel pretty good.

After all, teachers do good things and sometimes it’s really appreciated by others.

The Arts

Art is powerful. Whether through music, dance, drama, or visual arts, it has the ability to take us to other worlds, giving us a glimpse into the experiences of others.

I couldn’t agree more with this statement from Arianna. Even geeky old me has dabbled into the arts to the level that I have the ability for. There is just something motivatingly different about picking up a guitar and noodling around.

In the post, Arianna shares with us two upcoming opportunities for classrooms.


We all know that reflection is good at the end of any task. Often, it can be personal and something that you and your inner self come to grips with.

In this case, Mike shares his thoughts openly in a blog post. It wouldn’t be fair for me to comment on any of his thoughts since reflections are meant to be personal. But they are interesting.

There is a deeper message that affects all of us and that’s taking on something new and innovative over the past couple of years hasn’t been easy. Somehow, that needs to be factored into any reflection and, in Mike’s case, it’s more than just COVID.

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