The first time that I heard this song, I didn’t hear the intro to it. I recognized the song immediately and started humming along. I looked up expecting to see John Lennon and the singer kind of looked like him.

As it turned out, it was his son, Julian. It was a beautiful take on the classic song.

It remains a beautiful song and so appropriate for its present-day purpose. His goal in doing this song which he had previously stated that he wouldn’t cover is on his website.

Later this morning, Stephen Hurley and I will be broadcasting our This Week in Ontario Edublugs show. Since the situation in Ukraine has started, we’ve opened and closed our show with songs about peace. This morning, we will open with Julian’s version.

We will conclude with the original.

For those of us who enjoyed it the first time around, we know that it wasn’t without controversy. An interesting summary can be found here.


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