Back, way back

Kids today have it so much easier. Going to school, we had one map of the world and we listened or looked in a textbook to see what the world looks like today and also way back in time.

Our choices where definitely limited.

What if we could pick an option like in the Ancient Earth globe?

My recollection of the maps were certainly different from this.

The resource is actually part of a web resource about dinosaurs, which are certainly interesting, but I ended up being fixated on the various images of the globe over time.

But, you don’t have to pick your time at random. What did the earth look like for the first primates? the first land plants? the first shells?

It’s interesting to make the connections with today’s maps overlayed.

You can even zoom in to a particular area of the earth, although not a really close zoom, to compare.

It’s a fascinating resource to explore and is just a click away to use in the class or display on a projector to provoke discussion.

Oh, and the dinosaur collection is amazing too!


OTR Links 04/12/2022

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