When people read your blog …

… magic happens.

At least, that is the message that anyone who has ever done a workshop on blogging will tell you. I had an experience to relate from this past week sharing how magic happened here.

If you are a regular reader around here, you know that Sundays are just a fun time to post for me. Actually, it’s Saturday morning over the second cup of coffee and then scheduled for Sunday. If you read last Sunday’s post, you’ll know that we were having company over for supper this past week.

In a regular world, it’s not a big deal but with COVID, it’s basically been family that has sat around the table for the past two years. So, having Linda and David over was really a big deal and we wanted to do our “signature meal”. If you read my post last Sunday, it was “Whatever happened to manicotti?” It started a little bit of conversation on the blog and offline with private messages. There was a lot of sympathy and speculation but no concrete suggestions as to where you might be able to get it.

For us, we can’t find manicotti anywhere in town. We actually have a delightful Italian shop where you can find just about anything but even they were out. We’ve looked at stores in Leamington, Essex, and a couple in Windsor and struck out. Cannelloni stood in as a replacement noodle. To be serious, it’s just a noodle and the stuffing really does the trick. And yet, there’s something special about the size and the ribs of a manicotti shell.

These days, we’ve delivered some meals to shut-in friends and cannelloni has had to suffice. We just couldn’t find manicotti.

As it turned out, Linda and David showed up with a gift and it was a couple of boxes of manicotti shells! He had read my post and, rather than simply reply, took a trip to an Italian store on Erie Street in Windsor where they indeed had the shells.

When they arrived and presented them, we were dumbfounded. It was a little late to reshell supper but there they were for the future.

So, I guess I have the answer to last week’s question “Whatever happened to manicotti?”. The story now does have an answer … at least around here.

As an aside, our presentation is nothing like what’s in the picture but it’s still just about as delicious as these taste buds have had. So, thanks so much Linda and David.

Magic indeed happened here!

David blogs here and has published his own book “This Principal Chronicles“.

I was fortunate enough to interview David for this blog a while back.


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