All about squirrels

And now for something completely different ….

I learned more about squirrels yesterday afternoon than I ever thought I would, just watching the CTV News. There was a segment about squirrels – or rather an application written at the University of Guelph that you’re encouraged to take and use everywhere.

As you observe squirrels doing something, you add it to the app and the information is gathered for future study.

You can take a look at the results as they are gathered here.

The story was completely different from what you expect from the evening news so we were riveted to the television.

We have a love / hate relationship with squirrels around here!

We love seeing them jump around and climb on branches. So much energy. We don’t love them when they’re hanging upside down eating from the bird feeder or they’re digging away at the mulch in the garden. I learned last night that they might not necessarily be burying things but might rather be faking others out.

The application has just been launched and so is just starting to collect data. There are already people observing and sending what they’re seeing to the project.

More details about the project are available on the University of Guelph news site.

You can download the app here.


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