An election resource

As we know, we’re about to head into an Ontario election and there is a coalition in place to avoid a federal election until the end of the current term.

Elections have always fascinated me and I will stay up as late as I possible can on election night. It’s not a recent thing but I can remember years and years ago watching election results come in and the results displayed with magic marker on paper. We’ve sure come a long way since then.

Recently, I found this wonderful resource which took up a lot of time just exploring and then doing some editing.

At MapChart, not only is there just a whack of maps but you can edit them online and then download your finalized image.

It’s the “whack of maps” that really impressed the heck out of me and, in particular, the Federal Ridings map has it covered nicely.

Not only do you have entire country but those areas that just fade into oblivion when you look at the full size of Canada are covered. Even little ol’ Essex county is there with the federal electoral ridings. Not only can you see the divisions but there is function to pick and colour a riding to your desire. Of course, you’ll want to download your project and a right click and save as has you covered. The site remaps your right mouse button when your cursor is over an area for a little more functionality.

Sadly, there isn’t anything provincial because that we be so helpful for the upcoming provincial election. However, on the government of Ontario “Maps of Ontario” page, there are links to enough maps to keep you digging for hours.


OTR Links 04/06/2022

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