A number of teachers are using Wordle in their classrooms as a challenge and an opportunity to do some collaboration for solving the puzzle. I find it a wonderful way to start my day and I have made it part of my routine.

Wordle is perfect for the reasons that teachers are using it.

What if you wanted a bit more?

Spello might just be the answer.

The landing page gives you a hint of what makes this application different.

It comes with one list of words for solution – Top 10 misspells.

And then, the button “Create New”.

Yes, you can create your own lists for solution. In the classroom, you might find it the perfect way to introduce new words for students based upon your priorities.

Yes, it’s for teachers and one of the menu options specifically addresses them.

Once you have the word list, play looks like so many other word games so if your students are used to Wordle, they’ll make the switch to the new application with ease.

I thought that this was a great addition to the world of Wordle spinoffs/enhancements and added it to my collection which you can find here.

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